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Get Prayer Times For Your Own Web Site

PrayerMinder service can help you display prayer times on you own web site. There are a couple of options available for doing so, depending on your level of expertise and control of your web site.

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Client-Side Script (free)
This is the simplest and easiest method. You simply add a JavaScript HTML code to your web page which will cause the  browser (of the person visting your web site) to fetch prayer times for your city directly from the PrayerMinder server.
Limitations: This method is limited to prayer times display for one city only. Visitors to your site cannot search for other cities' prayer times on your web site.

Server-Side Script (signup required)
This method is more complicated and may require the ability to do some programming on the server.  However, if you use the Mambo or Joomla server, there is a Mambo component and a Mambo module available that make things very easy.
Server-side script allows you to modify the display any way you like, but that requires technical programming expertise.
Advantage: This method allows you to have the ability to search for other cities' prayer times on your web site.
Technical details:  The information retrieved by your web server from the PrayerMinder server is in XML format. If you do not use mambo, then there are sample ASP and perl scripts available, which can help you get started.

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