PrayerMinder for the Nokia 9000 Series Communicator

PrayerMinder for the Nokia 9000 Series displays the Islamic prayer times for the present day, anywhere on the planet Earth. It also shows the direction of Qiblah relative to the sun and Geographic North pole.

PrayerMinder v1.01 for the Nokia 9000 Series (21-August-2002)

Download PrayerMinder v1.01 for the Nokia 9000 Series (21Kb) (PrayMind.SIS)


  • Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings/Summer time.
  • Uses the Nokia device's locations database.
  • Qiblah direction finder shows Qiblah direction by pointing the device toward the sun.
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This software is Copyright Tasmin Ahmad, 1998.
This software is charityware/dua-ware. That means you can freely use and/or distribute the pakaged form of the software as you wish. You are merely requested to pray for the author's maGHfirah (sins to be forgiven). You are also free to send him an encouragement note!


If you use this software, be advised that you will do so at your own risk and the author will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the software.

Other Info

I am planning to add more features if I get the time to do it. Please send me any suggestions you may have. Even if you don't have any suggestions, I would still be very pleased if you would send me an e-mail.

If you are interested in porting the code to other platforms, I can provide you the source code through e-mail upon request, free of charge.

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